Initiation and expert support to the Customs House reform, the necessary condition for the operation of business and attraction of investments, as well as one of the symbols of corruption, on the example of which it is possible to demonstrate the inevitability of change.

'REFORM ASC' provides support through:

advising the government on the methods of reform of the customs service; development of a new structure of the service, mechanism and phased implementation of changes in the existing system; interaction with the society and media for implementation of changes and their consequences in the work of the customs service.

Experience of 'REFORM ASC' and its experts in this area:

in cooperation with the Ministry of economy, studied and improved the instruments of regulation of the international trade in terms of the impact of this factor on the economy and the customs system as such; initiated the reform of trade defence mechanisms and customs tariff policy; developed a new architecture of the customs service; published a series of explanatory interviews, articles and other expert materials on this topic; conducted training on 'Implementation of the budget code provisions' within the framework of 'Economic and fiscal reform in Ukraine' project (a joint project of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and USAID).