URBAN PLANNING and management of cities

Consulting municipalities for the development of new tools for strategic planning, specialized consulting, workshops in the municipalities

'REFORM ASC' provides support through:

consultation on urban planning; training events for efficient land use; supporting initiatives aimed at the development of public space; exercising moderation during the implementation of reforms between the different actors of the sector: specialized ministries, municipalities, international experts, donor organizations; creating 'city transformation profiles' - a comparison of the current state and potential changes.

Experience of 'REFORM ASC' and its experts in this area:

participated in the project of spatial development of cities together with Zotov Studio and public platform 'Warm city', Ivano-Frankivsk; held a series of meetings and round tables on disposal and recycling of electronic and electrical waste together with the 'Podilska Gromada' Fund; initiated 'Energy Efficiency Week in Ukraine' together with the Institute of Urban Development (Vinnytsia); conducted a survey of the reform offices of all regions of Ukraine with the purpose of consistent provision of advisory and expert assistance.