Support of the government and the MOH in the health care and reformatting relations within the 'state - pharmaceutical companies – patient' triangle.

'REFORM ASC' provides support through:

proposals for improving the Concept of reforming the financing of the health care system, including aspects concerning the implementation of new approaches to the branch management and financing; dialogue facilitation between the government, experts, specialists in the pharmaceutical and medical fields concerning the draft resolutions of the CMU on state regulation of prices for medicines and their accessibility, which resulted in the introduction of changes and improvements into these documents, taking into account the interests of the parties; promoting the elaboration and implementation of the medical insurance system and social medical programs; improvement of emergency medical care, disaster medicine and tertiary care systems, rehabilitation system.

Experience of 'REFORM ASC' and its experts in this area:

participated in the preparation of a number of bills, in particular, on reforming the health care system, provision of medical care, medical services in the field of transplantation; worked within the task group that was drafting the new version of the licensing conditions in medical practice; provided expert support to the Ukrainian government in implementing reforms in the health sector through participation in the preparation of the medium-term plan of priority actions of the government by 2020; worked (and still working) within the task group for health care reforming in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine; organized annual nationwide and regional charitable activities for the prevention of cancer.