Initiating changes, informative and technical support of reform of public administration, as well as the implementation of technological innovations in the state management system

'REFORM ASC' provides support through:

provision, together with the governmental structures, of achievement of specific results of the reform of public administration and implementation of e-government; improvement of quality of planning priority projects/directions of reform; creation of conceptual recommendations aimed at the reform of the state management system and implementation of e-government; simplification and updating of the government operating procedure, reducing the terms and improving the quality of decision making.

Experience of 'REFORM ASC' and its experts in this area:

provided expert support to the Ukrainian Government in implementing reforms in the public administration on the way to European integration within the framework of 'Support to Civil Service Development in Ukraine' project (UN House in Ukraine); in particular, advising on conducting functional tests of central executive bodies; contributed to reforming the field by enhancing the ability of the CMU Secretariat to create new legislation in the field of the civil service and public administration, participating in the organization and holding of seminars, conferences, round tables, etc. within the framework of 'Technical Support For Reform Of The Public Sector In Ukraine» project (DANIDA); helped to improve the effectiveness of the centers providing administrative services by means of functional studies, participation in the development of the profile of competence of administrators of the centers providing administrative services and the fundamentals of educational program for them within the framework of 'Development of the profile of competence of administrators of centers providing administrative services' project (GIZ); conducted a comprehensive study of the education management system in Ukraine and developed a methodology for functional tests preparing reporting materials and proposals within the framework of 'Modernization of the education management system in Ukraine: a roadmap of reforms' project (Renaissance Foundation); provided legal support for commercial companies in relations with state authorities, presenting and defending their rights and interests in courts of all levels and competences, in particular in disputes with other state authorities and local self-governmental bodies.