Survey of needs, research, expert support to the decentralization process.

'REFORM ASC' provides support through:

promoting the development of local self-government; analysis of various aspects of decentralization, in particular local effects o9f amalgamation, financial changes, provision of public services at the local level; training skills of democratic leadership and effective management of competencies; strengthening the capacity of local self-government;  training and advising representatives of the local authorities with the involvement of experts from the EU countries.

Experience of 'REFORM ASC' and its experts in this area:

worked within the task groups of the CMU to develop a series of legislative acts (2009-2015) which formed the base for the decentralization process in Ukraine, in particular, the law of Ukraine 'On Fundamentals of State Regional Policy' (No. 156-VIII of 5 February 2015); participated in the Swiss-Ukrainian decentralization support project in Ukraine (2012) preparing a series of books on 'Decentralization and governance', including the practical guide 'Operational planning of the implementation of the strategy of territorial development' (issued and distributed in all regions of Ukraine in 2012, supplemented and prepared for republication in 2015); conducted focus groups and organized public hearing which resulted in the preparation of recommendations for the government within the framework of the World Bank and the Canadian International Development Agency project 'Voice of the public'; developed and launched an official website dedicated to decentralization reform - (from 2014 up till now), from the idea, design and texts to SEO, operating accounts in social networks, motivators, etc.; created web-sites of individual cities, for example, 'My Vinnytsia' (, 2006-2015)