Consulting and implementing a system approach in dealing with energy efficiency at the local level.

'REFORM ASC' provides support through:

review and control of the structure of housing and utility tariffs in different regions of Ukraine; advising on the correctness of bills for public utilities; providing clarification on subsidies for housing and utility services, their calculation, preparation of documents, advising on the rights of citizens and condominiums; assistance in opening of condominiums, their participation in programs of energy saving and energy efficiency; advising municipalities and amalgamated territorial communities to create urban and regional programs of energy conservation; promoting initiatives and developments aimed at measuring power consumption, as well as increasing energy efficiency and energy saving

Experience of 'REFORM ASC' and its experts in this area:

formulated correct government messages as to the increase in prices for housing and utility services; held successful information campaigns regarding tariffs, legal ways to reduce charges and consumption, subsidies, etc., creating appropriate posters (placed in the post offices of Ukrposhta and carriages of 'Ukrzaliznytsia'); reformatted the mainstream of public debate about tariffs, attracting attention to the need to reduce consumption of resources and energy saving options; created and support the government website, which has become the main source of relevant information for consumers, business, NGOs, media, etc.; initiated a dialogue between the government and local self-governmental authorities regarding the formation of the new approaches, solutions, responsibility for managing energy efficiency projects; organized a meeting of the Prime Minister V. Groysman with the mayors who demanded the government to repeal the new tariffs or additional government funding for infrastructure projects; the event allowed to stop 'tariff panic' and reach mutual understanding; developed expert adjustments regarding the Bill on energy efficiency in buildings, filed them to the Ministry of Regional Development and elaborated on the Bill approved at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on December 7, 2016 and prepared for registration in the Supreme Council; in cooperation with the Ministry of Regional Development, created a draft resolution of the CMU on the implementation of the energy management in the state-owned buildings which has to become the foundation of activities in the field of energy efficiency in cities; the work on the document is in progress; in coordination with the UNDP project, edited the translation of EU Directive 27/2012 'On Energy Efficiency', and then, together with the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for European integration, agreed on the issue of formalizing the Directive; this document and its terminology should be the basis for a Bill 'On the Energy Characteristics of Buildings' and the basic law 'On Energy Efficiency' the work on which will be started by the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine in cooperation with the Energy Community.