Expert center analytics, support, consulting reforms (ASC reforms).

Most of our fellow sees to reform Ukraine faced with various problems. In this situation, before every citizen the question is how to treat them, to see this 'treason' and blame - or find another way.

The first option is obvious, but not productive. Real improvement and irreversible changes - is always difficult, but in the present transitional period - even more so. Such views are shared by quite a few people - from different regions, different ages, with different experience. But we have such different, have in common is that we are all experts in their fields. We recognize that our knowledge and successful experience can be useful not only to us and thus narrow professional circle - they can serve Ukraine.

That is why we united in 'ASK reform': civil society organization to design, create and providing effective solutions for reform based on knowledge, experience and competent management.

We want the government to better understand the mechanisms of implementation of reforms and society - aware of the meaning and content of implemented power changes.

It's no secret that in Ukraine long established confrontational model of relations between the authorities and civil society. Under such conditions, 'ASK reforms' based on peer review can and should help build a political dialogue between the government and civil society. We are ready to become the 'bridge' that will facilitate the convergence of both parties and reflows conflict and competitive relations in partnership.

Our mission

Inspire, initiate, provide expert support to the reform process in Ukraine.

Our ambitions

Promoting reforms that ensure transparency and openness of all levels of government.
The involvement of experts, professionals and the public to participate in programs and activities 'ASK reform.'
Promotion of international cooperation related to the purpose and activities 'ASK reform.'
Observation of the election process.
Participation in preventing and combating corruption.

Our task

Promoting public education, education, scientific and patronage activities in Ukraine.
Implementation of the best national and international practices and standards in the priority areas of 'managing reform.'
Assisting the public the right of access to information.
Promoting public initiatives and voluntary associations of professionals, aimed at development of transparency of government.
Support for national authorities, local authorities and other persons in the exercise reforms of public participation and public enlightenment and education.
Participation in advisory bodies of the government and local government.
Contributing to public discussion, examination and monitoring of decisions and regulations acts relating to the statutory purpose 'ASK reform.'